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As your trusted Edmonton Emergency Plumber, we understand that plumbing emergencies often strike when you least expect them. If you need emergency plumbing and heating services in the middle of the week or the Friday afternoon before a long weekend, Apollo Plumbing in Edmonton is your go-to solution.

Reliable Plumbing Emergency Services in Edmonton

All of us have felt like we’ve been backed into a corner at one point or another – when you feel like you have no options at all, and nowhere to turn. At Apollo Plumbing, our licensed plumbers always keep our client’s concerns in mind, especially when a plumbing emergency happens. 

We believe that when someone is at their most vulnerable, they should never be taken advantage of or have their situation exploited. Instead, they should be helped in their times of need.

This is why Apollo Plumbing has not, does not, and will never charge overtime fees when you contact us for any after-hours emergency plumbing services.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbers in Edmonton

Since 1969, we have handled virtually all plumbing and heating emergencies, including:

  • Burst/Leaky Pipes
  • Leaky faucets
  • Sewer Backups
  • Water Heater Replacements
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Furnace Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Emergency Plumbing Services
  • Sink & Toilet Clogs
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Fixture Replacement
  • & More!
24 hours/day, 7 days/week, Apollo Plumbing will always be here for you. Once your call is answered, we will guide you through what to do until we arrive.

Emergency Plumbing Situations: When To Call A Professional

A plumbing problem will usually happen when you least expect it, causing inconvenient disruptions to your daily routine or business operations. No matter how diligent you are in maintaining your Edmonton plumbing system, a plumbing emergency is often beyond control.

This is where your go-to reliable plumber, Apollo Plumbing, steps in. Our team of professionals offers top-quality and dependable emergency plumbing services 24/7, prepared to handle any plumbing disaster in your Edmonton home.

Here are several plumbing problems that may occur where it’s important to call an emergency plumbing service.

Burst Pipes

If you notice a sudden decrease in water pressure, water pooling in unusual places, or hear a loud banging noise inside your walls, call an emergency plumber right away to minimize potential damages.

Overflowing Clogged Toilets

An overflowing toilet can quickly become a health hazard and lead to water damage if not addressed promptly. If your efforts to unclog the toilet have not been successful or if the overflow is chronic, it’s time to reach out to a local plumber for expert plumbing services.

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups can be a nightmare, leading to unpleasant odors and potential health risks due to the presence of harmful pathogens. If you notice multiple drain backups, sewage smells, or gurgling noises from your toilet, these could be signs of a severe sewer line problem.

No Hot Water

While this might not always qualify as an ’emergency,’ lack of hot water can be incredibly disruptive to your routine. If your water heater is not working and troubleshooting hasn’t helped, a call to an emergency plumber can quickly get things back on track.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps play a vital role in preventing water accumulation and subsequent flooding in your basement. If you notice your sump pump is not working efficiently or at all, especially during a period of heavy rain or rapid snowmelt, this could lead to a serious situation that requires immediate attention.

If you have a broken sump pump, don’t hesitate to call an emergency plumber to ensure your home stays dry and damage-free. Remember, quick action can save you from expensive repairs and replacements in the future.

What To Do Until Your Edmonton Emergency Plumber Arrives

Maintaining the plumbing system in your home is essential to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary disruptions. However, emergencies can happen, and knowing what to do when they occur can make all the difference.

Here are some quick and practical tips for dealing with various emergency plumbing situations. These recommendations are designed to help you respond effectively until your go-to Edmonton plumber, Apollo Plumbing, arrives to provide a professional and quality service.

Burst or Broken Water Line

If you discover a burst pipe or broken water line, it is essential to immediately shut down the water to your home. Locate the main water shut-off valve (usually found in the basement or on an outside wall in a utility area of the house) and turn it off.

This will prevent further water damage until professional help arrives.

Leaking Water Heater

Should you find your water heater leaking, the first step is to shut off the valve located above the tank. If possible, try to guide the leaking water into a floor drain or use a bucket to catch the water.

Make sure to call us right away so we can assess and fix the problem.

Sewer Backup

If you’re facing a sewer backup, it’s crucial to refrain from using the water in your home until help arrives. It’s also essential to keep children and pets away from the affected area due to potential health hazards.

Non-functional Furnace

If your furnace stops working, call us as soon as possible. It can be tempting to diagnose the issue yourself, but furnaces are complex and potentially dangerous if not handled correctly.

Running Toilet

Continuously running toilets not only raise water bills but also signal a problem in the toilet’s mechanism. Try jiggling the handle or adjusting the float to fix the issue. If the toilet continues to run, even after a few hours, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Remember, it’s always better to leave more complicated tasks to the professionals to avoid further complications and potential damage.

Edmonton Emergency Plumber Pricing

When it comes to emergency plumbing repair and plumbing services, cost is often a significant concern for homeowners. At Apollo Plumbing, our licensed plumbers understand these concerns and strive to provide the best services with the most competitive pricing.

We pride ourselves on our transparent, upfront pricing model, which means you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for with no hidden charges or unexpected fees.

No Overtime Fees

We also understand that a plumbing emergency can happen at any hour. To support our customers during these stressful times, we never charge overtime fees, even for services rendered during weekends, nights, or holidays.

This approach is part of our commitment to providing great service, ensuring that you get the help you need without worrying about escalating costs.

No matter the scale of your plumbing emergency, your go-to, professional plumber, Apollo Plumbing is committed to delivering exceptional service at a fair and reasonable cost.

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Apollo Plumbing is here for you around the clock, tackling plumbing emergencies with promptness, professionalism, and fair prices. From burst pipes to clogged toilets, furnace breakdowns to sump pump failures, you can rely on our team for swift, effective solutions.

Remember, even in an emergency, you’re never alone. Our dedicated team is just a phone call away, ready to assist you with every plumbing hiccup or clogged drain, ensuring your home gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

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