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Have some questions about our plumbing services? Please review the following FAQ’s to find your answer. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then feel free to reach out to us!

We charge book pricing for all our jobs, so that you can see the pricing beforehand, and avoid unexpected costs. The scope of work regarding the plumbing industry is exceptionally large, so we try to include as much of it as we can into our pricing books.  For unique jobs, we will consult with our service managers, and still present the pricing beforehand.

Except for incredibly unique situations, we guarantee all our work for 30 days. Materials such as fixtures and appliances, are warrantied through their respective manufacturers

Yes, we offer 24-hour service for emergencies only. Emergencies include uncontrollable/unstoppable water from burst or broken water lines, malfunctioning sump pumps, sewer backups, etc.

  • Turn off the water going into your water heater. By code, there should be a functioning shutoff valve feeding the water heater (going into the cold side).  In the event of a leak, this should be shut off immediately.
  • Try to direct the water into a nearby floor drain if possible.
  • If the valve feeding the water heater is leaking, or not stopping the water from entering the water heater, turn off the main water shutoff to the house.

Shut down the main water to your home. It is especially important to familiarize yourself with where the main water shutoff valve is in your home, how to use it, and periodically check to see if it’s working properly.  In the event of a leak, closing this valve will stop all municipal water from entering your home, and should slow, then stop the leak.

  • Shut down the main water to your home, and open as many faucets in the home as possible.
  • Call us immediately, and please DO NOT try to thaw out the line yourself.

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